Elegant, Stylish and practical

Embroidery is an elegant and stylish way to decorate or personalise any garment or embroidery friendly item.

Often used on uniforms for work, clubs or schools. While embroidery has some limitations for finely detailed images it does have a significant advantage over screen printing when it comes to affordable colour. Unlike screen printing, which uses screens for each colour, there are no added costs for extra colours. Designs that will need more than only keyboard lettering, will have to be digitised. There is a one-off ‘digitising’ or ‘setup’ fee, which covers the cost of translating the artwork into stitches.

The digitised image is loaded into the embroidery machine. The machine then uses the digital instructions to create your design with threads. The number of stitches, the quantity of items being embroidered and the location of the embroidery determines the final cost.

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