Tips for good embroidery

  • Bold letters and design elements are more visible and look better embroidered.
  • Strong colour contrast is better than light on light or dark on dark colours. However, large fill areas of black on white, or white on black, can result in poor coverage.
  • Highly detailed life-like or photographic images may look cartoonish once embroidered due to the restriction of using thread to reproduce the image.
  • Where possible, remove or reduce black outlines in your design as outlines are embroidered in a run stitch – a series of short straight stitches going from one needle entry point to another. This can result in a line that doesn’t look straight or smooth.
  • Where outlines are essential to the image (such as cartoon graphics), consider thickening the outlines so they can be accomplished in a wider satin-type stitch.
  • Lettering smaller than 5mm isn’t always legible when embroidered. The minimum size is based on the lower case letters if upper and lower case lettering is used.
  • Block and sans serif fonts are more legible at smaller sizes, while narrow, condensed, tall and skinny fonts do not always embroider well and should be avoided.
  • Squat and bold fonts (not extra bold) plus simple script, larger bold fonts with serifs, freehand styles and other similar fonts tend to embroider well at larger sizes.
  • If you wish to use a stylised font ensure the lettering is designed large enough so the small details (like the inside of lower case a’s & e’s) do not risk closing up.


There are a few limitations for embroidery that we would like our customers to be aware of:

  • Keep images as simple as possible, avoiding too much detail
  • Don’t use lettering less than 5mm high (approx 21pt)
  • Chest pocket designs are approximately 70mm to 100mm wide
  • The maximum area for the front of a cap is approximately 120mm wide x 55mm high
  • Colour gradient/shading options are limited with embroidery
  • Embroidery is not a perfect art and you cannot reproduce a logo with the exact same detail as a print on paper

Lead Times

Lead times vary but our average delivery times are between 7 to 14 business days from artwork approval. These time frames are a general guide.